ioModus Inc., the parent company of Streamline IT Solutions, was founded in 2003. At that time, we determined that our primary focus would be to establish strong client relationships. This continues to be our focus, and we have a track record of excellent customer retention. Our winning formula: sound and unbiased advice, practical solutions, and reliable support. This allows our clients to benefit from our in-depth knowledge of available technologies while they remain productive and profitable.

At Streamline IT Solutions, we strive to develop an intimate relationship with our customers that provides a better understanding of how they operate. Combined with years of real-world experience and extensive knowledge of today's technology, this enables us to design and apply solutions that make our customers more productive, more profitable, more...streamlined!

"Our core business is service...not sales."


We have observed over the years that many IT companies appear to offer biased—and often poor—advice because they are selling hardware. Our core business is service...not sales. In fact, our relationships with Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, SonicWall, HP, Cisco and Microsoft afford us discounts which we pass on to our clients.


We believe user adoption is the key issue—often overlooked by many software vendors—that drives the success of a software solution. Our software offers a balance between the features your staff need and the usability they demand. This concept is the foundation of our core product, streamline productivity suite™. Streamline is an environment which brings together information management, profiling, project tasking, form creation, and interoffice messaging within a single elegant interface.
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